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Mysterious White Substance Traced to Area Bicyclists

. . . literally:

Toward the end of this morning’s Pedalfiles Bash, some shithead in a car tried to force a member of our pack off the road. After an exchange of strong words the shithead followed our basher for several blocks, repeatedly passing and cutting in front until our guy turned into a narrow [...]


Well, We Could Go Hashing

Yeah, I guess we could. It’s Saturday afternoon, there’s nothing important on our plates, and we hear it’s going to be a good shiggy trail. Why not?

I’ll try to not be a wet blanket at the circle. Pick’n’Flick already thinks I’m a wet blanket because I don’t want to bring Low-Flying Booger along. But [...]


Hashing Straight (Part III)

I quit drinking sometime in March 2007. I worried at first I might become a different person and no longer like hashing. Now, many months later, I can happily say I’m very much the same person and that I enjoy the trail and fellowship of hashing as much as before.

Looking back at my previous [...]