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jHavelina HHH Red Dress Run 2008

A few photos to help you get your red dress on-on:

The pack at the start

The Boogers

Green Flagger & Royal Flush

The Lady in Red at the circle


Hash Event Tags

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m always thrilled when The Lady in Red drops in on a Red Dress Run, as she did yesterday in Tucson. And while she was here, she handed out tags . . .

. . . which got me thinking about the tradition of [...]


Interview Intermission

No, the hasher interviews aren’t over, not by a long shot . . . we’re just taking a short break.

Coming soon: interviews with Urine (UK), Catwoman (USA), Horn-E (USA), Swamp Bitch (USA), Jock Trader (USA), Higgins (Belgium), Patchwork Quilt (USA), Imelda (Thailand), Likk’mm (Switzerland), Bouncing Czech (duh, guess where?), Grizzly (Australia), W.E.N.D.Y. (New Zealand), [...]


New: Blog Post Categories

Until now, I assigned posts on this blog to one of two categories: hashing or not hashing. Last weekend I realized these categories might be less than useful to readers looking for, say, entries about civilians confusing flour with anthrax, editorials on hashing, or advice on how to lay a better trail.

Voila! The Half-Mind [...]