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Coming Soon: White Robe Runs?

So this white chick joins a hash. Her black boyfriend joins too. They feel welcomed, they love the camaraderie, they can’t wait to get their hash names and become full members. She has one or two more trails under her belt than he does, so her naming comes first. The hash, during a rowdy circle, [...]


Bash Report

You know, when you’re about to hare a trail you worry about a hundred things, and then it happens and everything goes just great (see my previous post for a narrative description of pre-trail jitters).

I went out a little before 7:00 AM today with a bag of flour, bike strapped to the back of [...]


Pre-Bash Report

I’m haring a bash (bicycle hash) tomorrow morning at nine. Our GM (I’m certain it’s just a coincidence that she’s blonde) keeps putting out e-mail messages with the wrong start location; I keep putting out corrections. It’ll be interesting to see how many bashers show up at the GM’s start location.

I’m more concerned about [...]


The Price of Hashing, Part II

I’ve been hashing with the jHavelina Hash House Harriers almost eleven years. I want to go to the 1000th run later this month. I don’t want to go to the Friday night pub crawl or the Sunday morning hangover run. I don’t want a T-shirt or a goodie bag or a dinner. I don’t want [...]