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Bash Scouting Report

I’m just back from scouting the June 22nd Pedalfiles Bash trail: 17 miles before adding checkbacks or bad trails, which’ll probably add another 2 or 3. That’s a little long for June, because even though trail will start at 9:00 AM, I expect it’ll be a hot day. So it’s back to Google Maps, trying [...]


Adventures in Hooking Up

MTM tells a great story. Like the one she posted to the hash list Friday, where she described her adventures hooking up with the hash in West Timor (you can read it below the fold). She reminded me of an adventure Pick’n’Flick and I had several years ago, trying to hook up with hashes in [...]


Hijacked by Ghosts?

A recent hash list controversy involved hijacked hash trails. If you missed it, here’s a short summary:

A hasher from the Chicago HHH complained after hashers from another area kennel inserted a detour onto his trail, luring the pack onto another trail altogether. He gets to the end and waits for the pack to come [...]


Mysterious White Powder Appears in East

Here’s the official version (from Time Magazine):

It wasn’t the running, per se, that got the Harriers in trouble. Police suspected that the baking flour the runners used to mark their route was a toxic powder. After the run ended, they were taken into custody and interviewed for several hours while police conducted forensic tests [...]


Guest Post: Beach Hash (from a Hare’s Perspective)

This entry was written by my friend and favorite co-hare Casual Friday, about a trail she recently laid in Tampa, Florida. I don’t know about you, but I love hash trashes, and miss being in a hash that has them. When I see a good one, like this, I want to share it with all [...]