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Interhash Grows Up

Interhash is barely over and already some are bitching. Here are a couple of excerpts from a disappointed hasher’s Perth after-action report:

The event was held Easter weekend. . . . Not a single bar was open on Friday. The committee had to fight hard to get an exemption to serve beer Friday night and [...]


L’il Booger & Gramps

Here’s something my evil twin did a few years ago:

Not all that different from real life at my house, actually.


The Root of All Evil, Part I

Over the past few years, one of the hashes I belong to has been busy digging a hole for itself. It started when our über-mismanagement (the clique that actually runs things, independent of the elected mismanagement committee) decided it needed two or three thousand bucks in the bank to finance “hash parties.”

The first time [...]


Hash Songs Ruin You for Everything Else

More on last weekend’s trip, when Pick’n’Flick, Green Flagger, and I drove to Las Vegas to see Nose Candy, his wife Beth, and our grandchildren. We always stop for lunch in Wickenburg, Arizona – the Dude Ranch Capitol of the West! – and this time we decided to eat at a picnic table in the [...]


Red Woody: Home at Last

Pick’n’Flick and I (and Low-Flying Booger) drove to Las Vegas over the weekend to see Nose Candy for his birthday. It was also a hash weekend.

Alas, the Las Vegas HHH didn’t update the phone hotline or web site, the two hashers for whom I had phone numbers weren’t home, and I didn’t find out [...]


A Use for Older Hashers

For a few years there, traveling hashers had a good run (so to speak): the internet made it easy to hook up with hashes around the world. Kennels everywhere put up web sites, publishing calendars, contacts, and good-time photos.

No good deed goes unpunished, as too many of us are finding out. Cops research hash [...]


Economic Stimulus for (American) Hashers

President Bush signed an economic stimulus plan into law that will result in most Americans receiving income tax rebates of up to $600 for individuals or $1200 for married couples filing jointly. Almost every American hasher will receive money under this plan.

And I have a proposal for my fellow American hashers.

Let’s stimulate the [...]


On-Oniversary Trash

More on Pick’n’Flick and Flying Booger’s 20th hashing anniversary:

Wouldn’t you know 60 mile an hour winds would come out of nowhere one hour before hash time? Not quite strong enough to blow our flour away, though, because wouldn’t you know flour marks from a bike hash three effing weeks ago were still all [...]