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A Circle Song: Foundation Garment Edition

This is a great circle song. It’s short, easy to remember, and everyone knows the melody. Bonus point: you can flash the circle at the end!

God Bless My Underpants Melody: God Bless America (click to play)

God bless my underpants, Brand that I love, Stand inside them, And ride them, Up the crack of [...]


Yet Another Bash Report

A beautiful day in Tucson, Arizona; a beautiful day for a bash. And this time, I remembered to bring the camera!

Gee, I wonder who hared?

Our hares tried something new today . . . instead of picking a bar near the mid-point of the trail for the beer check, they picked [...]


Mea Culpa (With a Tuneful Apology)

This morning I started deleting links to hasher blogs that aren’t there anymore. Then I noticed the missing blogs all had blogspot.com addresses. Blogspot’s down, but I already deleted five or six links. If you were on my blogroll before but aren’t there now, please squawk ident so I can put you back!

By way [...]


Broken Links

Years ago, hashers in different parts of the world began setting up regional HHH sites to list clubs and contacts within their own areas. Eventually they got together, adopting standards and pooling information for the printed world HHH directory published in conjunction with every Interhash from 1998 to the present.

They also agreed to link [...]


Hash Visitors

Did I say I wasn’t hashing with the jHavelina HHH any more? Well, I lied.

Come to think of it, I never said that. But I do lie, all the time. Anyway.

Willie and Judy came to Tucson and we went hashing with the jHavelinas. Willie and I met at the Washington [...]