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How Odd . . . There’s a Tooth in this Flour!

Here’s a good Hash House Harrier story. So good, in fact, it made Keith Olbermann’s Countdown show tonight.

Here’s the gist of it:

When grandmother Stevie Wood died her family decided her ashes should be put to use – so they were laid in a five-mile trail for a running group to follow.

The Hash [...]


Here’s to the Hares

Good hare shirts. I like.

Thanks to Casual Friday for sending the photo.

And now for the Blessing of the Hares:

Oh Gispert, Bless these hares, Bless this trail, Coppus no catch us, Farmer no shoot us, Doggus no bite us, Heatus no stroke us, Plenty of cold beer to drink, Coitus non [...]


Motto Blogging I

Motto? What motto? You know, “A Drinking Club with a Running Problem.” That motto.

In an earlier entry, I commented that other groups use the same motto, and that hashers most likely borrowed and adapted it, as we have so many other things. A fellow old-timer (not that she’s old!), Swamp Bitch from the Pittsburg [...]


Bash Report

When I blogged about the four hashers who suffered serious face plants during Pedalfiles Bash events, none had yet returned to bash again, and the rest of us were beginning to be concerned they might not ever.

I’m happy to report that two of the four came back this morning. Kiwi Herman bashed with us [...]


A Bash, a Prayer, and a Song

Today is Sunday! Sunday is a bashing day! Are we gonna have a good time? You bet your ass we are! [dance in circles holding imaginary beer mugs over heads]

If you don’t know the lyrics, check below the fold.

Up & at ‘em at 7:30, stowing helmet, gloves, sunblock, and shades in the truck; [...]


Announcing the New Half-Mind HHH Calendar

On-On, hashers, we got us a calendar!

Wanna skip the BS?

Wanna help out?

Now for the BS. In my days at the Half-Mind Catalog I published an international HHH events calendar. It was one of the HMC’s most useful features, and was better than any other on-line or [...]


For a Good Time

. . . contact me!

Yeah, I know it’s administrivia, not hashing. Just embrace the suck, okay?

The Half-Mind Weblog now has a contact form. You can use it to whinge at me, send ideas, ask for advice from Doctor Down-Down, or make submissions to the songbook, cookbook, and dictionary. Or just say hi . [...]


A Good Ride Spoiled . . . er, Soiled

One of my duties at work is to transfer patients from one VA hospital to another. Yesterday, a patient in the back of my van shat himself.

My first reaction? I wondered if I’d done it myself.

God, once a hasher, always a hasher.