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The Last Word

. . . of 2007, that is. Sorry if I got your hopes up, hashers!

Pick’n’Flick and I wish hashers everywhere a Happy New Year. If you’re out partying tonight, we hope you have a great time and get home safely. If you’re staying home tonight, as we are, we hope you have a great [...]


Half-Mind 2007 Roundup

It was the best of years; it was the worst of years.

My co-hare has OCD (January) We share your pain, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (February) Journalists are the scum of the earth (March) Don’t get lost (April) Hashers on YouTube (May) Booger goes back to basics (June) Hoist by my own petard (July) Mysterious [...]


A Toast to the Season

. . . from Low-Flying Booger, Pick’n’Flick, and Flying Booger.

Here’s to me in my sober mood, When I ramble, sit, and think.

Here’s to Pick’n’Flick in her hashing mood, When she shortcuts, sins, and drinks.

And when our hashing days are o’er, And from this world we [...]


Photos and a Circle Song

Photos and a Song? I must be thinking of that TV show called Dinner and a Movie. Why not? I got photos. I got a song. The blogging must go on!

The photos are from last Sunday’s PISS Hash:

What you see is Southern Arizona shiggy: dry washes, sand, cactus, palo [...]


Keeping Secrets

. . . or not, actually, since I’m blogging about being a secret hare at today’s Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash.

So what’s the deal with secret hares? I know solo hares sometimes use secret helpers when they’re trying to do pull off a complicated or tricky feat of trail setting they can’t do by [...]


Famous Hashers Redux

My goodness, I haven’t thought about that McDowell asshole in quite a while (has it been as nice for you as it has for me?) but he just posted a roster of famous hashers to the hash list . . . a roster he wrote himself, a roster that prominently includes . . . wait [...]


Hashing On-Oniversaries

I see on the hash list that She Mussel Bitch is about to celebrate her 20th year of hashing. I thought I’d been at it longer than she had, but no, I’m a Johnny-come-lately. She’ll hit 20 next February . . . I’ll get there a month later.

But speaking of anniversaries, Pick’n’Flick and I [...]