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Circle Songs: Do Re Mi Times Three

Circle songs will be an occasional feature of the Half-Mind Weblog. I’ve been collecting them for years, and I like to share.

We’ll start with some simple songs based on Do Re Mi from The Sound of Music.

Many hashers know one of these (guess which one?). Some know two. A few know all [...]


Anthrax Runs: Did I Get it Right, or What?

In a previous entry, blogging about the “mysterious white powder” prosecution of Connecticut hashers, I mentioned local hashers’ plans to organize a special hash in honor of the arrest, and made this prediction:

Knowing hashers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it turn into an annual event and spread to other cities and states . [...]


A Good Bash Spoiled

And how. Deep Dish, a member of Tucson’s bike hash, took a serious spill on trail today. She went down so hard she knocked herself out and very likely separated her right shoulder (see the updates, below). We called 911 and stayed with her until the paramedics took her away in an ambulance.

Following up [...]


The Latest New Haven Two Update

The headline says “Flour-sprinkling joggers out of trouble,” but they hardly get off scot free. According to the article, “. . . charges were dropped Thursday after Daniel Salchow agreed he and his sister would donate $4,000 to local charities. Prosecutors could reopen the case if the Salchows do the same thing again in the [...]