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A Birthday Message from the Chairman

Ain’t I the shit?


Where Do I Go to Get My Reputation Back?

At last Saturday’s hash, a guy asked me how my web site was going. He was thinking of the Half-Mind Catalog, the on-line hash magazine I started in 1995. Many hashers think I still run the HMC, but I don’t: I began handing it over to other hashers in 2002 and left completely in 2005, [...]


Bring Out Your Dead

A friend in Texas e-mailed some sad news: visiting hashers from Las Vegas told him I had died. It just happened that some Las Vegas hashers signed up for today’s Hash de Tucson, so I went to the run to say hi and to find out if they knew how the rumor got started. My [...]


Anarchy, Meet Autocracy

I have a buddy who hardly ever comes to the hash, but who, over the years, has certainly come to enough hashes to have earned a name. Trouble is, he always scoots off when the circle starts. I tried to get him to stick around after today’s bike hash but he disappeared, so I made [...]


Another in a Series of New Haven Two Updates

More info, most of it promising, on the attempted depopulation of New Haven, Connecticut, by the mass distribution of anthrax:

On October 5th, Dr. Gonad (one of the New Haven Two) and his attorney appeared in court for a hearing on the felony breach of peace charge. The state attorney failed to appear. Dr. Gonad’s [...]


Sunday is a Hashing Day!

Later today, I’m setting trail for the Pima Independent Sunday Social HHH. There’ll be a three-mile turkey trail and a five- to six-mile eagle trail.

Yesterday I bought four ten-pound bags of flour. I’ll probably use five to six pounds today. The rest is for next Sunday, when Bimbo by Day and I will hare [...]


Yet Another New Haven Two Update

Finally, some information about the New Haven Two’s October 5th court date . . . the prosecutor couldn’t make it, so it’s been postponed. As soon as I learn more, I’ll write another update. In the meantime, I hope you’re all limbering up your dialing-9-1-1-to-report-terrorism fingers, just in case things go against our heroic hares!



Not Enough Flour

Posting entries on a hash blog is something like laying flour on a hash trail, and I haven’t been using much flour lately. I’ll try to make up for that with a couple of updates.

Yesterday, my co-hare Bimbo by Day and I scouted trail for an upcoming bike hash. We’re going to ride the [...]