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In Which We Petition the Connecticut Yankee

Someone started an on-line petition to the mayor of New Haven, seeking dismissal of the charges against Daniel and Dorothee Salchow, the hashers who were arrested and charged with felonious breach of peace for laying trail through an Ikea parking lot, previously blogged here and here.

Here’s the petition:

To: The Mayor of the City [...]


Mysterious White Powder Hits the Blogosphere

Hashers who read this blog probably could give two shits, but there are – unlike me – some extremely influencial bloggers on teh internets. At least two of them, Radley Balko (a former hasher!) and Juan Cole, have picked up on the hashers-busted-in-Connecticut story I wrote about in my last entry.

Here’s an excerpt from [...]


Connecticut Yankees & Mysterious White Powder

Here we go again!

You really should follow the link and read the whole story, but if you don’t have time, here are some excerpts:

Toxin scare shuts Ikea Mark Zaretsky, Register Staff 08/24/2007

NEW HAVEN — A “white powder” scare caused by some unwitting runners shut down the Ikea store at Long Wharf for [...]


Land of Morning Calm Disrupted

See? There is a G!

Hey Booger,

WOW . . . sorry I didn’t get back with you earlier this week . . . but our first hash was a HUGE success! We had 26 people total . . . and I never could have dreamed of a better down-down considering we had almost 20 [...]


Another One Bites the Dust

Another Pedalfiles Bike Hash, another casualty. This time it was Dirty Sanchez, who went down crossing trolley tracks and landed hard enough to separate his shoulder. Apart from the shoulder he’s basically okay, but he had skip on-afters in order to visit the emergency room.

Fig. 1: After the Fall

To date we’ve [...]


Our Reputation Follows Us Everywhere

This is a followup to an earlier entry about starting a hash on a military installation overseas, the latest in a series of e-mails to me from the new hash’s founder:

Damn, this is not going we well as I’d hoped . . . I had a meeting with the command chief sergeant on Tuesday. [...]


Who Lit the Smoking Lamp?

I was shocked . . . shocked, I say . . . when the first two hashers called up for down-downs after yesterday’s trail sauntered into the circle with lit cigarettes, obliviously puffing away as the GM handed them beers and called for a note. And no one said a thing.

I’m mostly ashamed of [...]


Slackin’ at Hashin’

I’m going hashing today!

Why the exclamation point? Well, because lately, whenever Pick’n’Flick and I hash, we have to do down-downs for missing more than three hashes, drinking as the pack sings Where Oh Where, Were You Last Week, Why Did You Make Us Hash All Alone. Because lately, when we look up hash starts, [...]