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More on Military Hashing

Hashers might enjoy this e-mail exchange about starting up a hash on an American military base overseas, in an area where hashing was once discouraged by military authorities.


I hope all is well back in Tucson. I’m currently stationed with the Wolfpack at Kunsan Air Base in South Korea. The Wolfpack Hash died off [...]


YBF’d by WP (Part III)

Is it time for another progress report? Hell yes! I’ve been editing old entries all afternoon, and I feel like writing something new for a change.

I’m cleaning up the Hashing Resources section (right sidebar). Dr. Down-Down’s advice columns, the cookbook, and Hash Hints & How-Tos are fixed. I still have to finish the dictionary [...]


Hare Line Fever (Part II)

As I predicted in an earlier entry, mismanagement wants to pull the plug on the telephone hotline. I’m not surprised, and, to tell the truth, not even disappointed. It’ll be less work for me, that’s for sure. If the hash decides, at some future date, that it wants a telephone hotline after all, it’s not [...]


YBF’d by WP (Part II)

The great cleanup continues. I’ve edited all the blog entries; now I’m slowly working through the Hashing Resources section. Figure another week or two before the Half-Mind Weblog’s back where it was before WordPress screwed it all up.

A good excuse for missing the hash last week and again today, but that’s not it. Not [...]


YBF’d by WP (Part I)

Well, that sucked! The good folks at WordPress upgraded their weblog software and I was foolish enough to trust them. Now I have hundreds of entries with unwanted typographical characters in them, like this:

I can’t tell you the whole story of yesterday’s hash because I only did the turkey trail. From what I observed, [...]