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Hare Line Fever (Part I)

For five or six years now, I’ve recorded weekly announcements for the jHavelina Hash House Harriers’ Hareline (520-760-1308), telling Tucson area hashers about upcoming runs. Like all repetitive tasks, it’s become a bore. I’m ready to pass it on, should anyone be willing to take over. That’s my agenda item for our next mismanagment meeting.



The Trail’s the Thing

I was going to rant about last Sunday’s bike hash trail . . . although we started two blocks from a recreational area with 30 miles of dedicated, safe bike trails, the hares laid trail on major surface streets instead, forcing us to run a gantlet of stoplights, broken beer bottles, and hostile, bicycle-illiterate drivers, [...]


Lightening the Load

. . . for the rest of the summer, anyway. Earlier, I commented on dwindling attendance at our family hash, the Pima Independent Sunday Social HHH. More people showed up in June than in April or May, but not enough to convince me we’ve reversed the downward trend. So the PISS HHH is going into [...]


Sunday Morning Hash Blogging

Photos! There aren’t enough photos on this blog. I found some oldies last week, and (now we’re getting to the heart of the matter) the hashers in them are young and skinny! Who doesn’t like photos like that?

On our way to the Gypsies Hash, San Francisco, 1994



My Life as a Hash Dog

Nose Candy, my son, told me he’d read my post on hashers singing in public. He didn’t say anything about it, just that he’d read it. Somewhat self-deferentially, I said I was afraid hashers were starting to think of me as a professional wet blanket. He rolled his eyes, meaning No Shit.

Good call. I [...]