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Sunday Morning Trail Scouting

Got up early to scout trail for the PISS Hash, which is two weeks from today. Normally I start scouting trail a month ahead of time, but the hash is going to be in my own neighborhood, which I know well and have laid trail in many times before.

Turns out I was wrong about [...]


The Half-Life of YouTube Videos: Long Enough to Be Ashamed?

Here’s a happy link for you: hashers singing “Jesus Saves” on a crowded city street while a preacher tries to shout them down.

We shouldn’t lose sleep over YouTube and whether hash videos will help or hurt hashing. Hashers are going to keep right on making and posting these videos. You and I have to [...]


Hash Day Respect (Part III)

Remember the bicycle hash grand mattresses who pressured me into delaying the family hash by a week so they could take my hash day? I just found out neither of them will be at their own bicycle hash tomorrow!

I’d say something snarky, but Pick’n’Flick reminds me that I won’t be at the family hash, [...]


Hashing Straight (Part I)

Actually, I’ve always hashed straight. Never could stand the feeling of beer sloshing around in my gut on trail. Never could understand hashers who like to drink beer before trail, let alone the few who think it’s fun to run drunk.

On-afters, now, that was a different story! I loved beer, couldn’t get enough of [...]


What They’re Looking For (Part I)

Not in any particular order, here are some of the more interesting search engine queries that led people to this weblog:

jonesing origination hasher electrocuted truckers comedy dicks alltel ads chad ribs talking trash andy rooney response steven sagal biography involuntary stripping by female nurses urinal splashback doo doo doo doo doo doo ma na [...]