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Hash Day Respect (Part II)

The family hash meets on the second Sunday of every month. The bike hash meets on the third Sunday. Except when the bike hash is scheduled for the Sunday after Saturday’s annual Red Dress Run, in which case it’s allowed to move up a week, shouldering aside the family hash.

The reason? There’s a big [...]


Sweeping Trail

If the pack gets lost on trail, it’s the hare’s fault. If the pack misreads trail marks, it’s the hare’s fault. If the pack ignores a true trail arrow and runs over a cliff, it’s the hare’s fault. So argues Larry at Global Trash, and if he hadn’t hidden his screed behind a members-only wall [...]


Degrees & Minutes & Seconds, Oh My! (Part III)

Not many hashers turned out for today’s Pima Independent Sunday Social hash. Our competition was the annual Race for the Cure, and most Tucson hashers already had plans to run that event and attend the post-race hash party.

But hey, six of us were there (if you count Low-Flying Booger), plus the hares, which makes [...]


If Beer Were . . .What?

Dear Hashers,

A typical day’s load of e-mail will include at least one of the following perennials: If Operating Systems Were Beer, Fifty Fun Things to Do in an Elevator, Greatest Pick-Up Lines of All Time, or the grandaddy of them all, Why Beer is Better than Women.

These senior citizens of e-humor, palsied and [...]


The Grate Easter Massacre

Another first for the Pedalfiles Bike Hash . . . a casualty!

The hares set a fine trail on Easter Sunday, but just before the mid-point beer & taco check Kiwi Herman hit a grate the wrong way, flipped over his handlebars, and landed on his helmetless head. Other riders were with him when it [...]


More Crunchy Goodness

Doctor Down-Down joins team Booger! I’m presently adding archived Ask Dr. Down-Down columns to the blog (check Hashing Resources on the right sidebar), and the doctor has agreed to post future columns here at the Half-Mind Weblog.

To contact Dr. Down-Down, send e-mail to doctor_at_pwoodford.net. Your questions – and his answers – will appear on [...]