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We Need a Button

A hasher friend just sent me a neat button:

You can probably guess from the name of this weblog (as well as my former site, the Half-Mind Catalog) that “half a mind” resonates with hashers. A Hong Kong hasher named Phil Kirkland once said, while being interviewed by a newspaper reporter about [...]


Reporters & Other Undesirables

Hello Paul,I was hoping to speak with someone over the phone about the hash runners in Arizona. I’m looking for someone who could tell me about the world of hashing, i.e. what is hashing? How often do you hash? How many people are involved in the hash community, etc.I spoke with __________ at Helldorado Brewery [...]


Ooh, Shiny!

Hey, there’s some great new stuff for Half-Mind Weblog readers: I’m slowly importing previously-published Half-Mind Catalog material to the blog. As I add things you’ll see them appear under Hashing Resources in the right sidebar. The latest additions include the Half-Mind Cookbook, Half-Mind Hashing Dictionary, and the Hash House Harrier Hymnal. Future additions will include [...]