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Went Home With Wood

Hashing in Las Vegas last week, I ran into an old friend, Red Woody.

Sometime in 1996, when we lived and hashed in Sin City, our son Nose Candy came to visit (at the time he lived in Florida; today, of course, he lives in Las Vegas and we are the visitors). [...]


Hash House Horrors

If you’re an American hasher, the concept of family-friendly hashing may be unfamiliar to you. Worldwide, though, there are many groups that welcome Hash House Horrors (or, as they’re known in the States, “children”). We felt a need for a family hash here in Tucson, so three or four years ago we started one, the [...]


Mooninites & Mysterious White Powder

I’m avidly following the story of the Mooninite (fig. 1) scare in Boston. I’m a hasher, after all, and we hashers know a thing or two about guerilla activities and municipal overreaction.

If you hash in an urban area, you probably have Mysterious White Powder (fig. 2) stories of your own. [...]