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Pizza, Sex, and Hashing

I can’t tell you the whole story of yesterday’s hash because I only did the turkey trail. From what I observed, the hares set two separate trails, eagle and turkey. The hares who set the eagle trail claimed dibs on the dry riverbed, the only shiggy in that part of Tucson, leaving little for the [...]


Question of the Day

So. Is my co-hare, whose map this is, anal . . .

. . . or what?

Actually, we both obsessed over this trail. And in spite of all our planning, scouting, and mapping . . . or, perhaps, because of it . . . it was shit hot! True trail was 13 miles [...]



For the past month, Casual Friday and I have been planning and scouting the bicycle hash trail we’re haring this Sunday. We announced the start location two weeks ago, giving it maximum publicity by posting it on every hash bulletin board and discussion group in southern Arizona.

This morning the hares for the regular Saturday [...]


The End of Hashing (as We Know It)

Scouting trail yesterday, Casual Friday and I stopped by a sports bar we’re planning to use as a beer stop. The establishment, a Buffalo Wild Wings franchise on Tucson’s east side, has gone over to the Dark Side, judging by the sign taped to the door:

Due to the popularity of Superbowl, we are forced [...]


Risk and Responsibility

I’m haring a bash (bicycle hash) two Sundays from now. My co-hare and I would prefer to keep the pack on dedicated bike trails, but there aren’t enough of those in Tucson to do an entire trail, so we’re using a lot of residential streets with bike lanes. Try as we might, though, there’s no [...]


Be it Resolved . . .

1. Hare more often.

2. Stay out of the new Half-Mind Catalog editor’s hair.

3. Write more hashing articles.

4. Take more hashing road trips.

5. Register for InterHash 2008.

6. Save at least half the money we’ll need for Perth.

Okay, your turn . . . what are your hashing resolutions for 2007?