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Scouting (on Two Wheels)

My co-hare’s out of town for the holidays, but since we’re setting trail for the bike hash three weekends from now, I did some scouting on my own earlier today. I tossed my bike in the back of the truck, drove to a bar that looked about right for a starting and ending venue, and [...]


Southern Arizona’s Newest Hash

. . . is the Pedalfiles HHH. A bike hash based in Tucson, founded by Bimbo by Day and Casual Friday. When we finally came up with the name, after three contentious membership meetings (among the discards: Sluts on Wheels, Rim Runners, Biking Under the Influence, Sleazy Riders), I rather thought it would be spelled [...]


Hasher of the Year

The other day, someone started a “hasher of the year” thread on the hash mail list. He proposed a couple of nominees, people who have done a lot for their fellow hashers. Then someone killed the thread by saying that the whole idea was unseemly, and that a more “hashlike” award would be “asshole of [...]


When Rituals Become Rules (Part III)

I’m okay with ritual. It’s rules I don’t like. In previous entries (here and here) I’ve ranted against the ossification of my home hash’s circle routine, but I may have given the impression I’m against routine altogether, and that’s not true. I’m okay with routine. Hashers like it, and it gives the circle structure.

When [...]