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Nurse Wretched

For a few years now I’ve been writing an advice column called Ask Dr. Down-Down. Dr. Down-Down runs a small clinic with the assistance of Nurse Wretched, Flying Booger, and Sally the One-Legged Orphan Girl from Bosnia. I haven’t thought about the clinic staff recently, but today I got this e-mail from Pay Per View:



What’s Happening at IH?

What, no live blogging from InterHash? C’mon, people! What’s happening in Chiang Mai?


Another Year, Another Trail

How many times do you have to hare your own birthday hash before it becomes a tradition? Considering how quickly things become traditional hereabouts, I’d say twice. Since this’ll be my fourth or fifth birthday hash, you could say it’s set in stone. So much so, it’s becoming a serious threat to other hash traditions, [...]


Blog Administrivia

Half-Mind Weblog, meet the (new) Half-Mind Weblog! The (new) Half-Mind Weblog has joined Being and Bloginess, my personal blog, at pwoodford.net. There’ll be a redirect at the old half-mind.com URL to make the change transparent, but at some point (why not now?) you ought to update your bookmarks. I’ll make a public announcement when the [...]


Telephone Recall!

Friday night I got a call from Legs, who’s back east somewhere. She wanted to know if I could help Catwoman contact some Las Vegas hashers. Catwoman’s from Dayton, Ohio, but she was visiting Las Vegas and stuck in the VA hosital there.

I’m not in Las Vegas, but I’m still in touch, so I [...]


Interhash Drudgin’ (Part II)

Previous interhash muckraking here.

Without identifying my sources, let me at least say they’re semi-reliable. The interhash committee apparently promised the city of Chiang Mai there would be no nudity, hence the prohibition on ice and bare bottoms. I’m told there will be plenty of both at pre- and post-interhash trails organized by local clubs.



Beer Checks

I don’t know if the San Francisco HHH still does it, but they used to place their beer checks within easy distance of the on-in, less than a mile. I always thought that was a wonderful idea: I don’t want a full can of suds sloshing around in my belly when there’s two or three [...]