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When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will Hash

The Bisbee Red Dress Run is this weekend. To encourage attendance, mismanagement canceled the regular Tucson Saturday hash. But the stay-at-homes organized a local hash anyway, and half an hour from now I’ll be there.

This happens two or three times each year: a neighboring hash schedules a big event, lots of local hashers decide [...]


When Rituals Become Rules (Part II)

This is effing ridiculous. During the circle after Saturday’s hash, someone uttered the word “head” two down-downs too early. Five or six hashers took up the Head Chant but quickly shut up when no one else joined in. You see, the utterance of the word head, followed by the mass performance of the Head Chant, [...]


Blogging from Beirut

Remember the hasher who’s been e-mailing from Lebanon (hint: here & here)? She has her own blog now, A Cry from Beirut. This is real stuff, and absolutely gripping.