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Guest Post: Hello from Beirut (Part II)

I’m posting another e-mail from our Beirut hasher (see her first e-mail here). I hope you are finding these as educational – and touching – and frightening – as I am.

Many of u r writing me 2 ask how am doing in this big mess . & asking me 2 keep in touch.. I [...]


Guest Post: Hello from Beirut (Part I)

A friend forwards an e-mail from a Beirut hasher. Hashers, at least, will find it interesting:

dear ________,

it is crazy ..

with israel air raids destroying over 20 main bridges , all seaports from beirut up north to tripoli, military coastal radars ( they hit central Beirut yesterday afternoon, striking the port and a [...]


It’s Every Man for Himself!

I finished trail after the event and wasn’t there to see what actually happened, but this is what I was told:

During yesterday’s hash a guy cut himself on a barbed wire fence. When he finished trail he was still bleeding and realized he needed to get to an emergency room for a tetanus shot. [...]


I Looked over Jordan . . .

From an e-mail I posted to the hash list this morning:

But it’s the River Jordan I wanted to talk about. Seems like most hashers – American hashers, anyway – make a slam-dunk gesture when they sing “I looked o’er the river” instead of the traditional water-flowing gesture. I never know how to take that. [...]