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I started writing, editing, and publishing the Half-Mind Catalog in August 1995. It grew out of a small print newsletter I’d started three years earlier, the Whole Hash Catalog. The HMC was a one-man effort until sometime in 2001, when a couple of friends offered to help out. In 2003 the three of us put [...]


Who Reads this Stuff?

Some of the hashers I write about, it seems.

You know, when I say that the GM of our local hash told me he wants to keep circles short, or that some hashers in Las Vegas may have boycotted an event because they thought it was too expensive, I’m writing about real people and events. [...]


Circles From Hell

. . . and they won’t be over until the last beer is gone, and then some.

In a previous entry, I praised our new grandmaster for running a tight circle and moving the pack on to on-afters at a nearby pub. Praise, once given, can’t be taken back, but perhaps it can be confined [...]


Guest Post: Good Buddy, My Ass (Part III)

This entry was posted by 8 Yellow Snow, a Colorado hasher:

Well, it’s been a while since I posted here. Since Blow Up Doll and I bought two businesses here in Ouray, Colorado in November (one wholesale and one retail), there hasn’t been much time for hashing, hiking, or the other things we enjoy. However, [...]


The Price of Hashing, Part I

Wow . . . 14 continuous days without hashing. For me, that’s a record. But hey, I saved $22, which is what I would have spent on hash fees had I gone to every possible local hash during that time.

We pay $5 per person to hash here in Tucson, Arizona. The fee, which covers [...]