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Circular Reasoning

Shorter circles, better on-afters?

In the wake of hash elections, we have a new GM. So far I’ve been to only one of his circles, but I like what I saw. He kept it short, and after it was over everyone went to on-afters. There were two big out-of-town events this weekend, so he had [...]


Friday Evening Hash Dog Blogging

Low Flying Booger after a hard day’s work.

She’s found her calling (besides hashing, that is): she’s a therapy dog. Even in her sleep.


Red Dress Blues

A few weeks ago, Burnt Sox started a rant by asking: “Hashing used to be fun. What happened?”

Which is a damn good question. Burnt’s answer was, essentially, that you make your own fun, and if your hash has stopped being fun, you can change it, find another hash, or start a new one. He [...]


Viva Las Vegas (Part II)

Although I moved to Tucson nearly nine years ago, I still enjoy hashing in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a former home, LVHHH a former hash . . . but unlike other former hashes, close enough to visit once or twice a year. Last weekend I dropped in again, this time for a three-day event: [...]


Guest Post: Prammed to Hash

This entry was posted by Burnt Sox, a Washington DC hasher:

I have crossed the threshhold into family hashing, a place Mr Jackson would rather I not go. The last two hashes I’ve loaded my year-old daughter into a secondhand baby jogger and taken to the trail. And, wouldn’t you know it, the last two [...]


Hash Elections (Part II)

Earlier, I blogged about our upcoming hash elections. The elections were Saturday, and rather disappointing elections they were. Of the three candidates for GM, two dropped out, leaving one candidate to run unopposed. At the last minute another hasher put his hat in the ring for RA and also ran unopposed.

A few days before [...]


Hash X Files

Dear hashers, I wrote this back in the heyday of the X-Files. I hope hashers today still watch the reruns, otherwise this won’t make a lot of sense, nor will the interesting bit of ancient internet history at the end.

Episode # 69: Trail to Nowhere

Scully: Mulder? Mulder?

Mulder: Here, Scully, down here! [...]