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Virgin Territory (Part II)

Well, that was a lot of work! But haring always is, isn’t it?

Hashers began to arrive at the start at three in the afternoon. They started running around three-thirty and were done by five. Casual Friday and I, the hares, started setting trail at ten in the morning and didn’t finish until six that [...]


Virgin Territory (Part I)

Casual Friday and I are haring for the jHavelina HHH this Saturday. As this entry’s title indicates, we’re setting trail in an area that’s never been hashed. In hashing, this is a Big Deal, one for the books, a tale to share with the grandkids some day.

Of course, the barbed wire and no trespassing [...]


Hash Elections (Part I)

Our GM’s leaving town for a new job, prompting an early call for hash elections. Might as well replace the rest of mismanagement while we’re at it, right?

This is no trivial thing. I don’t know about your hash, but our hash really needs a strong GM, RA, Biermeister, and Hash Cash. We need leadership [...]