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World’s Stupidest Hashers on Video

Dear Hashers,

I guess I stayed up too late watching “World’s Scariest Police Videos” on Fox last night. You know the show I’m talking about, the one with the gray-haired cop who shows surveillance camera and police car-chase tapes? And he says stuff like this?

This criminal thought he could rob a Seven-Eleven. He forgot [...]


Guest Post: Honeymooners

This entry was posted by Burnt Sox, a Washington DC hasher:

I’ve had an ephiphany… but I’ll take a shower. Anyway, I’ve been trying to get someone in our hash to write the hash trash, but I’ve been stuck doing it instead. This is particulary otherworldly when I don’t go to the hash but scribe [...]


A Birthday Song

The first Half-Mind Weblog entry appeared on January 22, 2004. You know, I never did find out what happened in San Diego.

Anyway, please wish us a happy birthday as we start our third year. If you want, you can sing us this birthday song . . . it goes to “ta rah rah boom [...]


Visiting Hashers

It’s amazing – amazing, I say – how visiting hashers come in clumps. Who’d a thought three hashers from Morocco and one from Hong Kong would show up in Tucson yesterday? Not to mention five or six hashers who drove up in a group from Sierra Vista. Makes you almost believe in cosmic forces.

One [...]


Guest Post: Stages of Hash Enlightenment

This entry was posted by Burnt Sox, a Washington DC hasher:

Dante was a punk!

For years, I’ve wanted to describe the progression of a once-normal human being into hashdom… but how do you know when you’ve arrived. Here’s what I’ve been thinking are the steps of progression into hashdom. And, just like that, it’s [...]


Old School Hashing (Part II)

Pick’n’Flick and Schatzi and I went Old School hashing this morning. The hares laid an entertaining trail through the old barrios around downtown Tucson, throwing in enough shiggy to keep things challenging. Since the pack was small, about a dozen hashers, everyone had a part in the circle, and on-afters were at a great little [...]


Guest Post: Happy New Year – I Resolve to Blog More

This entry was posted by Burnt Sox, a Washington DC hasher:

Wow… it’s been a while. I got a little wrapped up with life, what with the holidays approaching and our daughter getting big enough to move around places. It’s cut into my hashing a bit… in an area with 12 or 13 hashes, I [...]


Gobble Gobble, Whine Whine

I’ve been a hasher for almost 16 years, and in all that time, no matter how bad a hash was . . . no matter how difficult the trail, how poor the marks, how screwed up the planning, how late the beer wagon . . . I’ve never had a bad time at a hash. [...]