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Guest Post: Fat Butt?

This entry was posted by Casual Friday, an Arizona hasher:

Okay folks, I couldn’t pass this one up. Seems John Q. Public has another way to gauge obesity now. Researchers from the Adelaide and Meath Hospital in Dublin found out that folks aren’t getting 100% of their drug dosage via buttock injections, because their fannies [...]



Last two weeks, the word “pushback” has been running through my mind. As in: “Mister President, we’re experiencing significant pushback on extending tax cuts to the rich.”

I hate buzzwords. Pushback is high on my list of buzzwords. But there it is, at the forefront of my consciousness. Why?

And then I remembered a conversation [...]


Viva Las Vegas (Part I)

I rode my motorcycle to Nevada last weekend, and while I was there ran with my old club, the Las Vegas Hash House Harriers. Piggybacking on Burnt Sox’s latest entry (below), I too find my hashing batteries recharged after an away hash, and GI Ho and Lootenant, the LVHHH hares, totally pegged my voltmeter.

The [...]


Guest Post: It’s Been a While

This entry was posted by Burnt Sox, a Washington DC hasher:

It’s been a while.

Poor Booger — he enlists people to blog about hashing and then I stop hashing for a bit.

Every now and then we all need a break from the hash, even if it’s been something we’ve done for years. [...]


Good Buddy, My Ass (Part II)

Reference 8 Yellow Snow’s trucker rant:

Almost all truckers are paid by the mile. Mile hauling cargo, that is. They don’t earn a cent dead-heading home, waiting for assigned loading dock times, sitting idle in blizzards or bumper-to-bumper traffic, stopping for meals, filling out paperwork and log books, or pulling over for mandatory rest periods. [...]