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San Francisco Confidential

I wake up as the plane touches down at San Francisco International. It’s after midnight. I feel like someone stuffed used pantyhose in my mouth. As I grab my bag from the overhead bin the stew looks at me knowingly. Her legs are bare. Some wakeup calls are worse than others. I’m used to it. [...]


Guest Post: Good Buddy, My Ass! (Part I)

This entry was posted by 8 Yellow Snow, a Colorado hasher:

The Knights of the Road! That’s what I have thought of those men and women who drive the tractor-trailer rigs across the country on the Interstate infrastructure. They are known to stop and assist 4-wheelers in need, who may be broken down on the [...]


Guest Post: Who’s Harrassing Who?

This entry was posted by Casual Friday, a Tucson, Arizona hasher:

Give me a break!

In my 20 years of retail experience, I have never been accused of harrassing a customer; until just recently (full moon syndrome?). A woman in her 60′s was in the store buying a blouse and her card did not go [...]


Guest Post: Full Moon?

This entry was posted by Casual Friday, a Tucson, Arizona hasher:

Get a grip!

I have finally figured out that full moons are when werewolves come out and MALE PMS surfaces. I think somehow the timing of the two might be key. For years I’ve seen men demonstrate feats of craziness for no sane reason, [...]


Evolution (Part II)

A while back, I welcomed several co-bloggers to the Half-Mind Weblog. Now it’s time to welcome another, Casual Friday. Hey, Casual, now that your cast is off, can I have my cane back?


Guest Post: Handicap Discrimination

This entry was posted by Casual Friday, a Tucson, Arizona hasher:

More than one year ago, I was in a bad auto accident. My lifestyle and psyche had suddenly changed. Along with back problems, both ankles suffered nerve damage, and I have been in some form of leg casts, including crutches and a cane for [...]


Guest Post: Back on Trail

This entry was posted by Burnt Sox, a Washington DC hasher:

Does hashing ever get old? Naaah… just hashers.

Hiya! I just remembered about the Blog – I truly had forgotten about it since I was in Toronto for the Interamericas Hash. Nice event, pleasant countries, lot of really aggressive driving with bad feelings, great [...]