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Guest Post: Basic Hashing

This entry was posted by 8 Yellow Snow, a Colorado hasher:

I saw Flying Booger’s entry a few spaces down regarding “back to basics” hashing. I agree. Having just moved from Southern California where each Hash Kennel seems to try to out-do each other with haberdashery and over flowing gimme bags for special events, it’s [...]


Guest Post: [I Read It, So] I Am Sure It Must Be True

This entry was posted by 8 Yellow Snow, a Colorado hasher:

I have gotten a very disturbing e-mail twice already having to deal with the survivors of Katrina showing ingratitude to a certain volunteer ["So I volunteered"]. The e-mail itself is not so disturbing; I am sure there were isolated incidents of frustrated newly-homeless people. [...]


Old School Hashing (Part I)

This weekend I hashed with Tucson’s new breakaway group, the Old School HHH. Old School was started by a group of disaffected jHavelina hashers who wanted to return to a purer style of hashing, one more about the trail and less about social activities and drinking.

Originally they planned to meet on the same day [...]



Yesterday was a PISS Hash day. Normally PISS trails are flat, short, and non-sweat-inducing. Besides, it was a beautiful day: blue skies, low nineties, dry. So rather than wear a regular hash T-shirt, I dressed up, putting on the beautiful white polo shirt Pick’n’Flick embroidered with our hash logo. One hour later, crossing a supposedly [...]


Hasher Aid – Hurricane Katrina (Part II)

Hashers hang together, in good times and bad. After posting this entry to the blog, I sent it on to the international Hash House Harrier e-mail list, and the response has been great. Hashers from around the country and the world are sending money to the Baton Rogue HHH, and other hashers are offering housing [...]


Guest Post: IAH 2007 Elections

This entry was posted by Burnt Sox, a Washington DC hasher:

Did Mexico City HHH really win for an IAH 2007 in Puerto Vallarta?


Hasher Aid – Hurricane Katrina

Dear Hashers,

If you’d like to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, but you’d rather your contributions went specifically to hashers, read on.

I just talked to The BugFucker, a hasher in Baton Rouge who is willing to receive and forward donations to New Orleans & Biloxi hashers affected by Hurricane Katrina. He says if he [...]