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Guest Post: On-On to Hogtown

This entry was posted by Burnt Sox, a Washington DC hasher:

7 Minutes, Aaliyah and I are ready to take to the road for IAH ’05. I’m going to have fun but, gosh darn it, it’s not going to be the same. This is the first hash road trip since our daughter was born, and [...]


Guest Post: a Hash of Her Own

This entry was posted by Burnt Sox, a Washington DC hasher:

Hashing is not a pretty sight, but she is.

At a camping event last week, I noticed a hasher I see every few weeks. She’s notable because she is divinely gorgeous: lithe, flowing hair, eyes that are liquid invitations to her soul. Sure, she’s [...]


Guest Post: Ten Years Later

This entry was posted by Burnt Sox, a Washington DC hasher:

Six interhashes, 10 years, still on trail.

Approaching Labor Day, I signed on with a small group of hashers from Virginia to go to an Interamericas Hash … a gathering of hashers from all over the Americas. I’d been hashing a year and a [...]


Guest Post: Jonesing for a Hash

This entry was posted by 8 Yellow Snow, a Colorado hasher:

[Note: I did a Google search for the origination of the term "Jonesing." It seems no one knows for certain where the term came from, other than it was derived from the drug culture to mean a craving for the next hit or dose. [...]


Guest Post: Any Hash You Walk Away From

This entry was posted by Burnt Sox, a Washington DC hasher:

Any hash you walk away from is a good hash. Hell, they’re all good hashes.

This Saturday was the 953rd running of the Hash. Those who don’t get it think it’s the same hash every weekend, but each one is different. I’d had [...]


Niche Hashes

In an earlier rant, I cheered the emergence of niche hashes. Bring ‘em on, I said! The more the merrier!

Up to a point. Beyond that point, niche hashing becomes opposition hashing. Tucson now has the:

jHavelina HHH, the regular Saturday afternoon hash Old School HHH, another Saturday afternoon hash Mr Happy’s Larrikins HHH, a [...]


Guest Post: Backyard Projects

This entry was written by Gopher, a Virginia hasher:

How much home-made crap is built for your hash?

So I’m in the yard, working on one of the many projects that Piggy has on my list, listening to the race when my driver hits the wall and my mind is now a little freer to [...]


Guest Post: Another Letter from MTM

Actually, it’s a letter from KumOnMyLeg to MTM, forwarded to me by MTM.

I asked MTM to join our blogging collective because she’s a world traveler, someone who hashes in places the rest of us can only dream of. She’s also a good writer – a very good writer, as you can see in her [...]