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Testing the Theory of Evolution

Half-Mind Weblog evolution, that is . . .

Up to now this has been a one-blogger show: Flying Booger and Paul, two halves of the same person (one writes about hashing, the other about less important things). Now it’s time to expand the gene pool.

If Darwin was right, you’ll soon be reading new and [...]


When Rituals Become Rules (Part I)

You’d think hashing, with all the surprise and trickery that go into setting trail, would be a hotbed of anarchy, the last place you’d encounter hide-bound rigidity. After all, Rule # 1 of hashing is . . . No Rules! But hashers are people, and people like what they’re used to. And when it comes [...]


Lady in Red’s Own Story

Remember the Lady in Red? When she was here last weekend she gave me an article she’d written about the origin of the Red Dress Run phenomenon and her role in it (the central role, as a matter of fact). I just posted her article to the Half-Mind Catalog. If you’re a hashing historian – [...]


jHavelina HHH Red Dress Run

The San Diego Hash House Harriers put on the first red dress run in 1988, in honor of The Lady in Red. This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of hashing with The Lady in Red once again, during the jHavelina HHH RDR in Tucson, Arizona.

Traditionally, RDR trails are designed for maximum public exposure, [...]


Good Advice for Hashers in Trouble Spots

Hashers travel, and they sometimes find themselves in dangerous situations not of their own making. Traveling hashers were in NYC on 9/11. Hashers were in Bali when Al Qaeda bombed the resort. In Madrid when they bombed the trains. Running for high ground in Thailand when the Tsunami struck. In London, today.

So I’m happy [...]