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Hail to the Chief (Hasher)

I’ve been thinking about our upcoming presidential election, and not coincidentally about presidents and hashing. A few years ago the buzz in hashing circles was that Bill Clinton once ran a hash. That turned out to be an exaggeration: when Clinton was governor of Arkansas he once jogged near a week-old Little Rock HHH trail [...]


Tackling Trail

Every hash has a certain type of wallflower: someone who shows up every week for the trail and the beer, but never hares.

Most hashes make a determined effort to draw wallflowers out and get them to try haring, usually by offering to pair them up with experienced hares and promising that the experienced hares [...]


Sunday Hash Party Recipe

What do you make to feed 50 hungry hashers? Caesar salad for 50!

The hash got rained out yesterday . . . oh, all right, a few diehards proably hashed, so it’s more like I got rained out . . . but if 50 hashers had hashed and were looking for something good to eat [...]


Banning Hashers

Three years ago I participated in a most unhashlike act: we banned our Hash House Harrier club’s founder. He was the father of our hash and all its traditions, but he had a behavioral problem. After a few beers he’d start stalking harriettes – stalking them in a physically intimidating way, backing them into dark [...]