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Hashers Beware: Chalk Illegal

I suppose it was only a matter of time . . .

At Boing Boing, a story about the arrest of an activist whose medium of protest is chalk. Can’t happen to us, I hear you say? Okay, NYC hashers, probably not, but if I were you I wouldn’t lay trail within five miles [...]


Boys! Get Yours Now!


I am Spartacus!

No! I am Spartacus! Please forgive me for posting this wee bit o’ Hash House Harrier humor. If you’ve been following the saga, you’ll appreciate it. If you haven’t, well . . . it’s time you caught up!

On On, Flying Booger Blogger to Her Majesty, Queen Bitch



Half-Mind Blocked by Saudi Authorities

Banned in Boston Riyadh . . .

My friend Baldrick, an English expat working in the Kingdom, informs me that the Half-Mind Weblog and Half-Mind Catalog have been officially blocked by the Ministry of Information. He and I wondered why.

Then, tonight, he told me about another blocked link, this one to the [...]