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Comfort Limits

Blurring the line between R- and X-rated hashing . . .

My Hash House Harriers group – actually, a few members of the mismanagement committee – decided to hold a clothing-optional hash on an upcoming Saturday evening. When I heard about it I thought, “Fine, I’ll just go to the regular weekly hash Saturday afternoon, [...]


On Not Going to Cardiff

What, you’re not going to InterHash?

We were going, but a year ago we realized that unless we went straight to Cardiff and then straight home, it would be far too expensive a trip. To do the things we wanted to do, which included a tour of Scotland and a visit to Donna’s family in [...]


Oh Noes We Are Hash Trashin!

Too much Fafblog and your hash trashes start to come out like this:

I am thinkin if Dick Cheney was to have showed up tonight he woulda told the hares to fuck themselves. But he did not an so we did.

“On no Flyin Booger that must a been horrible, the trail must a been [...]


Lady in Red

Here’s to the lady dressed in red, When she walks by she turns your head, Oh those hips, they sure are sweet, She makes things stand that never had feet.

So guess who I met at the Tucson jHavelina HHH Red Dress Run yesterday?

The Lady in Red, her own self . . . the [...]


Theme Hashes

Hey, boys and girls, let’s all dress like hashers!

Is it just my hash, or are theme runs on the upswing? I’m okay with an annual red dress run, but these days it seems I’m always being told what to wear – at least once a month we’ll have a dress-as-the-opposite sex run, a “thrift [...]