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Interhash – Won’t You Come Home?

Las Vegas in 2010?

As Interhash 2004 in Cardiff approaches, hashers everywhere are eager to know which of the four bidders will win the honor of hosting IH 2006. From where I sit, the two bids that have grabbed the most interest are Edmonton and Chiang Mai. But who knows how hashers in Cardiff will [...]


Out of Body . . .

. . . and out of my half-mind, no doubt.

These damned paradigm shifts keep coming. The latest one grabbed me after Saturday’s hash in Tucson, in the bar during on-afters. Suddenly my feeling of “us-ness” went away and I became an outsider looking on . . . right in the middle of a conversation [...]


The Terrible Secret of Hash-L

Adapted from The Terrible Secret of Space by The Laziest Men on Mars

Pak on-on unf Pak on-on unf unf unf We are the list robots We are here to protect you We are the list robots We are here to protect you We are the list robots We are here to protect you We [...]


San Diego Red Dress Run, Entry the Second

It’s the beer, stupid!

Beer snobs took over hashing years ago, and I know I’m on the losing side of an unwinnable fight, but here goes anyway:

I’m an American. I’m used to pissy yellow watery beer. It’s what I like to drink. Bud. Miller. Michelob. Beer like that makes me happy.

Why can’t I [...]


San Diego Red Dress Run, Entry the First

Pick’n’Flick and I drove to San Diego this weekend to participate in the San Diego Hash House Harriers’ Red Dress Run. This was, I think, the 17th annual RDR. It’s a big event by any standard: attendance broke a grand a few years ago, and this year more than 1500 runners turned out. I say [...]