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Hashing and the Military

This is an editorial I wrote for Asia-Pacific Harrier Magazine back in February 2004. Bimbo, the publisher, asked me to write about the situation in Okinawa, Japan, where U.S. military commanders have clamped down on hashing and hashers. Since then U.S. military commanders in Korea have joined the witch hunt, and I’m concerned their fear [...]


Boys Who Cry “Wolf!”

If it turns out there’s a shred of truth in Mr. McDowell’s latest accusations*, I’ll be amazed. As amazed as I’d be if pigs started flying and hashers swore off beer.This is, after all, a guy with a long history of lashing out with accusations. For years, he’s been telling anyone who’ll listen that the [...]


Saturday Hash Blogging

Not many entries on hashing lately . . . my, what a sorry state of affairs!

Today is the 10th anniversary of the jHavelina HHH in Tucson, Arizona. One of the founders, 2X4, co-hared the original trail and will hare again today. He’s going to try to duplicate the first trail, as much as he [...]