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Manure Pit

Spotted on Reenhead:

The Centers for Disease Control want us to know how not to die in a manure pit.

If people would just stay away from the hash list, this wouldn’t be a problem.


InterHash and the Cult of Personality

Why InterHash? It’s the people, stupid!

From an earlier blog entry:

We’re not going to Cardiff for InterHash this summer. It’s too expensive. I’m not bitching about the cost of attending InterHash . . . flying half-way around the world to attend a weekend hash event will never be cheap . . . just making [...]


Son of Dearth

Warning! Unfocused rambling ahead!

Another blogging dearth. If anyone’s noticed, I apologize. There’s plenty to blog about, it’s just that I don’t think people would find any of it interesting.

And then I think, when has that ever stopped me before?

I’m performing a wedding this afternoon. Not a hash wedding, a straight one. And [...]


The Trailer-Trashification of the Hash (Part II)

“If you’ve an Ayran Brotherhood tattoo on your fist, that’s all you’ll need.”

From a hashing event announcement recently posted to an e-mail list:

NO DOGS. NO GUNS OF ANY KIND EXCEPT WATER. _______ Hash House Harriers reserves the right to kick anyone out with no refund for fighting or any other behavior that could [...]