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The Trailer-Trashification of the Hash (Part I)

Class is as class does . . .

Over at the Half-Mind Catalog I’ve written a couple of rants about loutish hash behavior and how it seems to be an increasing trend, at least in American hashing. The other day I heard from a reader who expressed an opinion most people would hesitate to utter [...]


Life Before Hashing

A tragic tale of teenage irresponsibility . . .

The scene: A dark evening in 1965, a popular lovers’ lane off a dirt road between two wheat fields north of Sacramento, California. A 1958 Ford, parked, two teenaged couples inside. Cigarette smoke and an occasional giggle emanate from its interior. Lights approach, Dixie cups of [...]


Reclaiming the Hash List for Hashers

Don’t feed the dog . . .

Adultery in the hash (gasp)! Non-Hashing Wife versus Queen Bitch! Fatal Attraction terrorism! Even Hitler (as if Godwin’s Law needed additional validation) has made an appearance! What is the hash list coming to? And how can we get it back on track?

I know, I know, everyone’s sick [...]


LRA: My 12-Step Program

To everyone who’s sick of me ranting about the hash list asshole: yeah, yeah, I’ll quit when I need glasses already!

I founded Stray Dog Responders Anonymous several years ago after repeatedly allowing myself to get sucked into pointless, destructive e-mail exchanges with a hasher who calls himself Stray Dog. A number of other hashers [...]


What Are YOU Doing This Sunday?

Courtesy of the Church Sign Generator!


All Your Information Are Belong to Us!

Copyleft and Hashing, good. Copyright and Hashing, bad.

From Boing Boing, an item of potentially great concern to HHH webmasters:

Database copyright: a stupid idea whose time hasn’t come

A database copyright in the US would be apocalyptically bad and terrible. The notion that facts can be owned offends reason. This Wired article explains why: