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HHH Publishers’ Code of Ethics

Do we need one? I think so!

Most hashers I know are pretty decent people. G. knows we’re not paragons of virtue, but we try to act fairly and ethically. We know, without having to say it out loud, that what we say and do affects others. But saying something casually, to one or two [...]


Meeting Market Demand

A hash list for every need?

Soft drink makers Coke and Pepsi are testing a cola that has fewer calories than the original and a different flavor than the diet version often turned to by weight-conscious consumers. The concept is called mid-calorie cola. The idea is to market a product in the middle, one that [...]


Memories of Stitch

For some reason I was thinking about John Wayne Bobbitt. He was a member of the Las Vegas HHH back in, like, 1994 to 1996 or so. His hash name was “A Stitch in Time Saved Mine,” “Stitch” for short.

When Stitch hared a trail we’d end up at his house for on-afters. In addition [...]


Top Ten Ways to Get a Hash Name

10. Have a comical real name, like “Jemimah” or “Percival.”

9. Tell another hasher, in strictest confidence, about the time you got head lice.

8. Sport an embarrassing physical characteristic, like a large and ugly birthmark.

7. If female, suffer from inadvertent queefing. If male, drool.

6. Tell everyone you’re a “player.”

5. Make yourself [...]


Terms of Service & Copyright

Have you read the “terms of service & copyright notice” for Mr. McDowell’s hash e-mail list?

Contents of list messages and the mirror are copyright ___________ and belong to the sender of the message except where ___________ wishes to publish it. You may not publish the content of these messages anywhere, hardcopy, electronic, or on [...]


The Pig in the Python

Hashers, meet the Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers, meet the Hashers.

Writing an article about “live” haring a couple of years ago, I offered advice on different methods of laying trail, tailored to the hare’s physical condition. Here’s a quick summary of that advice:

For good runners: Lay the entire trail live, including checks and bad [...]


The Trouble With Tipplers (Part III)

The editor of an international hashing magazine has asked me to write an editorial about the positive aspects of hashing for overseas military personnel, something to help offset the black eye we got in the recent Pacific Stars & Stripes article.

But I’m not sure I’ll be able to blow happy smoke up hashers’ butts, [...]