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The Trouble With Tipplers (Part II)

Hashing suffers another sucking chest wound!

Here’s a sorry story.

As far as I’m concerned, that “drinking club with a running problem” slogan quit being cute a long time ago.

What killed it for me – besides all the drunken scenes I’ve witnessed (and, I’m sorry to say, been a part of), and the damage [...]


Tips for Hash Scribes

Get it write, you slob’s!

Most hashers are happy to help when trails need to be laid, beer hauled, or goodie bags stuffed. But when the trash needs to be written, it’s like, “Hey, where’d everybody go?”

That’s because most of us are self-conscious about our writing. We worry about spelling, grammar, putting our thoughts [...]


Disorganized Hare Haiku

If we had some chips We could have some beer and chips If we had some beer


BBBB’s Mirror

It’s all about control, I tell you!

If you’ve been reading hash e-mail lists lately, you know that Beaver Bam Bam Balls put up a mirror of one of Larry McDowell’s lists at www.kanzelmeyer.com/hash/. And you know that Mr. McDowell most emphatically wants BBBB to take the mirror down.

What’s actually going on here? Control.



The Trouble With Tipplers (Part I)

More trouble, this time in Turkey.

Got an e-mail from a US military hasher somewhere in Turkey. A male officer and an enlisted female – who both happened to run with the local hash – got into a sexual relationship. In today’s military this is a be no – as in “there will be no [...]


Trouble in River City?

Misbehaving Hashers? I’m shocked. Shocked.

Hey, some lady in San Diego e-mailed me last night. She didn’t give me any details, but she runs a business – a restaurant I think – and she’s having trouble with some members of a San Diego hashing group. That’s all I know so far. No who/what/when/where/why.

What’s up [...]