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Hashing Notes from Here & There

A query posted to Facebook’s Hash House Harrier page:

I am thinking of starting a hash house harriers without beer but only vodka and wine. Is this allowed?

Several hashers left comments, most along the lines of “no rules, do what you want,” but a few said that beer should always be present since it [...]


A Minor Epiphany

Definitely not a major epiphany, and nothing close to a paradigm shift. But I’ll take my insights where I find them … and share them with you, dear hashers.

I skipped the monthly motorcycle hash yesterday to go riding with the Tucson Bash. This is the new bicycle hash I blogged about in [...]


Photography at Hash Events

I don’t remember if it was an Iguana or a Colorado InviHashional, but there I was. sitting naked in a hotel hot tub with fifty other naked hashers, unwinding after a long day on trail, when some asshole — one of us, but still an asshole — fished a flash camera out of his bag [...]


(Updated) Guest Post: Acceptable Hash Behavior?

The following post was submitted to me by a hasher who attended the recent InterAmericas Hash in Savannah, Georgia. All I know is I wasn’t there, so it couldn’t have been me!

So my girlfriend and I just returned from the InterAmericas in Savannah. We have over 35 years Hashing experience between us: we’ve [...]


Banishment (Oh, the Humanity)

Fair warning: this post contains dirty hash laundry. Sensitive hashers should avert their eyes, plug their ears, and sing “la-la-la” until they get to the next post down.

A local hasher emailed me, asking me to weigh in as a elder and condemn a guy for getting physically violent at a recent weekend hash. I’m [...]


Guest Post: Athleticism

After reading my recent post on athleticism and hashing, Pittsburgh hasher Fuk Stik sent me a long comment. He has so much to say, and says it so well, I decided to turn it into a guest post (with his kind permission, of course). Here it is, in Fuk Stik’s own words:


Here’s my [...]



I know, using the A-word in a post about hashing … G must be rolling over in his grave.

We bumped into a local hasher at an event in downtown Tucson last night, and Pick’n’Flick invited him to come to the Pedalfiles H3 bike hash I’m haring this coming Sunday. He literally [...]


Hashing Straight (Part VI)

I missed an important anniversary. Well, no, I remembered, just forgot to blog it.

Last Sunday, March 13th, marked the end of my fourth year of sober hashing, and the start of my fifth. No beer, no wine, no booze of any kind. How did I celebrate? By setting trail for the hash, how else?