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PISS Hash Trash: 4/13/14

You know you’re in a gay cruising park when you see signs like this:

And when you’re in a gay cruising park, chances are Yoda’s setting the trail.

It was another big turnout for the Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash today, with 17 human and 4 canine hashers in attendance. Yoda, assisted [...]


SWP in Blighty: Dog-Nappers or Terrorists?

SWP (suspicious white powder) strikes again!

Hmmm. Looks like a hash mark to me. And of course that’s exactly what it is, as explained by representatives of the Bicester Hash.

You can click on the graphics to see the full items. The first one, the Facebook post about dognapping, [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 3/16/14

A small group of dedicated bashers met at the corner of Harrison and Broadway on Tucson’s east side this morning: Wankers Aweigh, Hot Legs, Spot Remover, Flying Booger, Pick’n’Flick, and Zorro. Flying Booger, the designated hare, left shortly after, laying trail north toward Speedway. You can get some idea of what was ahead for the [...]


Suspicious White Powder … Again

Well, yay, I have two recent incidents to add to my Suspicious White Powder files. The first comes from a Tucson hasher, who passes on an email posted to her neighborhood listserv about a month ago:

Good morning Neighbors,

Does anyone know what the white powder that is on the ground all [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 3/9/14

Wankers Aweigh and Hot Legs called the Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash House Harriers together near their west side home this morning, out near Silverbell and Grant. Here we are in the parking lot at Robins Elementary School, our starting point: Pick’n’Flick, No Bone Go Home, Appendage, Hot Legs, Wankers, Yoda, Zorro, and virgin No-name [...]


We Are Not Worthy!

Talent in the hash, who’d a thunk it? Here’s a harrier with an artistic bent who illustrates his mates’ hash names. This is his interpretation of Cherry Splatterpuss:

Click on the image to see the artist’s Tumblr, which contains several examples of his work.




Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 2/23/14

It might have been the blizzard-like conditions in southern Arizona this morning, with temperatures of twenty below, or perhaps it was the torrential rain. Then again, the earthquake could have frightened people off. Maybe those pesky rumors of a plague outbreak in downtown Tucson did it, or the unreasonably early 2:30 AM start time. But [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 2/9/14

Pack at Mimosa check # 1

Members of the Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash House Harriers made the long trek to Itty Bitty Member’s & Tastes Like Chicken’s place near Benson, Arizona this morning for what has become an annual shiggy trek across parts of the old J-Six Ranch, closely monitored by the resident [...]