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The Perfectly Laid Trail II

For another international perspective on hashing, haring, and the perfectly laid trail, here’s a guide from the Polygon Hash House Harriers in Cyprus (author unknown), courtesy of Polygon H3 hasher Big Bang:


A Guide To The Laying Of Trails

In keeping with the original intentions of the Hash, there should be no [...]


The Perfectly Laid Trail I

Seriously, though … here’s one of the better guides to haring and laying trail I’ve seen, courtesy of Hogtown H3 (Toronto, Canada). The original author is unknown, but it was shared with the Half-Mind Weblog by Toronto hasher Rose eh.

Some advice in the guide may work with your own kennel’s way of hashing, some [...]


Random Updates from Hashland

There have been so many “suspicious white powder” confrontations between hashers and the Man I’ve pretty much quit tracking them, but this one stands out.

Click image for story

Why? Because it happened in Singapore, a city/state smaller even than Hong Kong, and like Hong Kong home to several active hashes (including the second-oldest [...]


Flying Booger Gets Mail: Hash Cash

Dear Flying Booger,

A little history about me (us), I have been hashing for a solid 3 years and some how my wife and I ended up becoming GM’s, we are loving the “job”. The previous GM’s did a great job keeping things going and we have no complaints, we are just trying to make [...]


Why I’m Giving Up on Checkbacks

When I lay trail, my inclination has always been to stay away from tricky stuff, to keep things simple. Two, maybe three checks per trail, no more than two BTs per check. And that’s about it. Of course I don’t always honor my own inclinations, and every now and then I’ll lay a checkback.


Haring a Bash

When I tell hashers about bashing they always want to know two things: how it differs from regular hashing and how much longer the trails are. I tell them it’s basically the same thing, and that trails take about as long to finish as regular trails … you’re still doing a 1½-2-hour trail; on foot [...]


We Get Mail . . .

The following emails were prompted by my recent (Not Really a) New Year’s Resolution post. The first one comes from Higgins in Belgium, and I’ve included my response (in blue):


I like your post and wonder to what extent what you’re experiencing locally is representative of the entire hashing community. Getting close to [...]


Hazards of Pre-Laying

You’d of asked me yesterday afternoon, I’d have said “what hazards?” What could possibly go wrong with a pre-laid trail?

Repossess Me and Leave It to Beaver and I laid two trails yesterday, Repo & Beaver for the harriettes of Desert Divas H3, me for the harriers of Pima County Traditional H3. Our idea was [...]