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Hashing Longevity (Updated)

Some of you may know Grease Monkey from Over the Hump H3 in Quantico, Virginia. I met Grease when I was posted to Okinawa in 1989. He was a fixture of the hash there, and I’ve always believed he engineered my “election” as the Okinawa H3 GM. Grease and his family transferred to Quantico in [...]


Drinkers with a Satanic Cult Problem?

Well, isn’t this interesting?

NBC Nightly News screen grab from 6/2/14

We were watching the news last night when Pick’n’Flick said, “Hey, look at that!” I only caught a glimpse of it before it was gone, but happily the video segment was already up on NBC’s website and I was able to get this [...]


Bordighera H3: a Second Opinion

Most hashers know the accepted history of the early days of hashing, how the first H3 club was established in Kuala Lumpur in 1938, went inactive during WWII, reformed in 1946, and eventually began to give birth to other chapters. For as long as I’ve been hashing (I started in 1988), hash historians believed Mother’s [...]


Hashing Notes from Here & There

A query posted to Facebook’s Hash House Harrier page:

I am thinking of starting a hash house harriers without beer but only vodka and wine. Is this allowed?

Several hashers left comments, most along the lines of “no rules, do what you want,” but a few said that beer should always be present since it [...]


Founding Tales

Ra, editor and publisher of the renowned (ahem) Half-Mind Catalog, started a new site dedicated to hash history. His purpose is to collect and share founding tales, stories of how hash kennels around the world were started: who did it, when, and why. A few spoilsports on Facebook were quick to point out that there [...]


Protecting the Brand

Reading the hash list this morning I came upon a new wrinkle in hashing. I think it’s interesting enough to share here.

In respect to “hare and hounds” being synonymous with “hashing,” have you noticed these guys from Pensacola? www.easthillhash.com. They say they are a “hash-type club” but intentionally don’t call themselves “Hash House Harriers” [...]


More HHHistory

Last night, a hasher friend posted this on Facebook:

What followed was a long quote from the songbook’s introduction. It’s easier to just copy and paste the text than to post a screenshot:

Editor’s introduction

I stated up front that this book is a collaborative effort. Not unlike any joint venture in [...]


The Perfectly Laid Trial

Ha! Here’s a bit of 1980s hash nostalgia, a hand-typed and illustrated hare guide from the Hogtown H3, sent to me by Toronto hasher Rose eh.

From Rose eh’s accompanying letter: “This was before the internet and email … a fun, hashy read, when times were simpler, but no less beer and shiggy crazed, and [...]