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Fresh Linkage

I added a new link today, this one to Hops’ excellent and useful Red Dress Runs site:

Click on the image to go to the site

Hops, over the years, has become the go-to harrier for anything RDR-related. This site is one of the results, and features an international calendar of RDR events, history, [...]


Hash Site Review: Hash Genealogy Project

Hash Heritage Foundation Hash Genealogy Project

A little over a decade ago, Bill Panton (Kuala Lumpur H3/Washington DC H3) embarked upon an interesting journey: tracing all known hash kennels back to the Mother Hash. He first showed his work to the hash world at InterHash 1998 in Kuala Lumpur, [...]


Hash Site Review: HashSpace Wiki

Sux2Blow, the webmaster of HashSpace, announced the start of HashSpace Wiki a couple of months ago. Since then, hashers have been correcting, updating, and adding information to this user-edited repository of hashing information.

Sux2Blow set up some broad categories:

Hash History Hash Traditions Hash Kennels Hash Events

More categories can be added . . [...]


Hash Site Review: Wikipedia on Hashing

How many hashers know there’s a Wikipedia entry for Hash House Harriers? Not many, I bet.

Most of us know Wikipedia’s a user-edited online encyclopedia, where regular people like you and me can write, update, correct, and (if we choose) falsify entries on any topic. Someone (I don’t know who, other than that it [...]


HashSite Review: The Hashpaedia



Shakesprick has launched a new hash information site, The Hashpaedia. When I saw the announcement this morning, I immediately thought of Wikipedia. You know, the popular online [...]