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Killed on Trail

A Tampa hasher, Bed & Bucfest, died Friday night after being hit by a car while she was running a hash trail in Orlando. I didn’t know her, but I know Tampa hashers who were close to her, and I know they’re hurting. It’s a terrible thing.

I don’t know any details. Don’t know how [...]


Drinkers with a Satanic Cult Problem?

Well, isn’t this interesting?

NBC Nightly News screen grab from 6/2/14

We were watching the news last night when Pick’n’Flick said, “Hey, look at that!” I only caught a glimpse of it before it was gone, but happily the video segment was already up on NBC’s website and I was able to get this [...]


Hashing Notes from Here & There

A query posted to Facebook’s Hash House Harrier page:

I am thinking of starting a hash house harriers without beer but only vodka and wine. Is this allowed?

Several hashers left comments, most along the lines of “no rules, do what you want,” but a few said that beer should always be present since it [...]


Missed Connections

Craigslist Tucson, Personals, Missed Connections (m4w)

Okinawa HHH Sticker on Your Car

Safeway parking lot, Tanque Verde & Catalina Hwy

Posted 10/29/13

Parked next to your black Ford Fusion at Safeway this morning and saw the Okinawa HHH decal on your rear window. I wanted to move my car so it was in front of [...]


Precious Things

Over the years we’ve amassed a large collection of Hash House Harrier event giveaways. We used to have boxes full of hashing t-shirts, but now we’re just hanging on to a few old favorites Pick’n’Flick wants to make into a quilt. We took the others to local hash meets and gave them to new hashers [...]


Visiting Hashers

Casual Friday flew in from Tampa last week for the Phoenix Red Dress Run. She stayed with us in Tucson, driving up to Phoenix for the RDR with local hashers.

I had signed on as a department supervisor with a defense contractor in 2005, and Casual was one of my graphic designers. I was cautious [...]


More Sad News

Long Beach and Las Vegas hasher Tuna Taco died last night.

I don’t have many details. Adios MF from Las Vegas called to tell me about it, since I knew Tuna and was looking forward to seeing him again … Tuna was supposed to move today from Las Vegas to Chandler, Arizona, and I’d hoped [...]