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Whatabout All the Glutens that Were Released?

Little hashing/bashing pause here while I break in a brand-new knee. So let’s see what’s up in the news.

Oh, just this, from Pennsylvania:

Man dumps a white powder on Catasauqua street and runs, and then…

By Frank Warner

A man in an orange shirt and a black backpack sprinkled a white powder Wednesday evening [...]


Ninth Rule of Cooking Club (On-On Gourmet Hash House Harriers)

There are no rules.

Actually, that’s the first (and only) rule of the Hash House Harriers, and it probably should have been the first rule of cooking club. It’s very similar to the second rule of cooking club, which is “If it looks wrong, go with your gut.” As we learned then, and re-learned last [...]


Hashers in the News (Not in a Good Way)

When Pick’n’Flick and I lived in Las Vegas, we organized an invitational weekend hash. Sixty or so hashers from neighboring states made the trek, including one guy who came all the way from Canada, which was a pleasant surprise … or so I thought at first. I’d been hashing less than ten years at that [...]


Yawn . . . More HHHistory

This is an older post, back on top with a fresh comment from Stu “The Colonel” Lloyd, author of “Hare of the Dog,” who is working on an updated edition for the Mother Hash 80th, later this year. For the latest wrinkle in the saga of the Bordighera H3, scroll to the end of this [...]


Christmas in April

Actually, it’s Christmas 2016 in April 2018, but it’s been worth the wait: Pick’n’Flick finished my hash t-shirt quilt! And here it is: This is the fourth hash T-shirt quilt she’s done. The first three were for Hasher Humper, Zippity Doo, and Upchuck & Die. They’re big things: in the photo Pick’s on a ladder [...]


Daytona Hashers Find Dead Body

Forwarded to me by Shakesqueer:

I’m disappointed no one mentioned the name of the “jogging club” that discovered the body. The Daytona Hash House Harriers should get some credit, don’t you think?

What’s the most interesting thing your hash has found on trail?


Memetime in Hashville

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


The Graying of the Hash, Part II

See previous post about our trip to San Diego and plans to hash with La Jolla H3: so, yeah, Spock lied. Trail was a little over 5 miles, but he didn’t totally lie: most of the pack walked. Here are a few La Jolla hashers at the start:

LJH3 is one of the older clubs [...]