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Third Rule of Cooking Club (On-On Gourmet Hash House Harriers)

Pull your own weight. We come to cook, not just to eat.

Last night we tried something different. At earlier meetings, members prepared their assigned parts of the meal at home. Once we gathered at the host’s house we sat right down to eat.

Ditalini and I hosted this meeting, and we decided we’d have [...]


Second Rule of Cooking Club (On-On Gourmet Hash House Harriers)

If it looks wrong, go with your gut.

Our second cooking club dinner was last night. The theme was Italian, using recipes from the cookbooks of celebrity chef Mario Batali. Ditalini and I were in charge of the antipasto; Magret de Canard, our host, prepared the main dish; Manzo & Anitra Spezzatino brought the salad; [...]


First Rule of Cooking Club (On-On Gourmet Hash House Harriers)

… is tell everyone about it.

Ditalini and I are Hash House Harriers, members of a notoriously disorganized hare & hounds trail club with chapters all over the world. After a recent trail, while eight of us were cooling off at a local pub, our friend Magret de Canard told us about the weekend she [...]


Recipe Call, Continued

The Half-Mind Cookbook recipe drive continues!

Yes, this exists (fortunately, though, not in the Half-Mind Cookbook)

Another hasher contributed to the cookbook today, adding a beer chili recipe that makes four gallons, perfect for a big hash feed. Thanks, Mother Ducker!

Do you have a great on-after recipe to share [...]


Recipe Call

Bet you didn’t know there’s a hash cookbook on this site. It’s kind of hidden up at the top, behind a tab labeled “cookbook.” Pretty clever, eh?

Not actually a Half-Mind Cookbook recipe (photo credit: The Museum of Awful Food)

As anyone who has organized a hash picnic or on-after cookout knows, feeding the [...]


Get Your Friends Drunk in the Morning

Breakfast or brunch-time hash party? Or just a party? This stuff kicks ass!

Bloody Mary Mix


Base 1 cup beef base 1 small bottle Tabasco Sauce Worcestershire Sauce, to taste salt & pepper, to taste celery salt, to taste 1/4 cup horseradish (not the creamy kind) The Rest 4 qts tomato juice vodka garnishes [...]


Saturday Down Under Hash Cookin’

Yum . . . spag bog!

Several years ago, when I was putting the Half-Mind Cookbook together, an Australian harriette inadvertently posted a shopping list to the international hash e-mail list. The line that caught my attention said “mince for spag bog.”

Spag bog? That could only be some sort of Australian dish, right? Like [...]


Saturday Hash Cookin’

Now that it’s getting cold . . . There’s nothing like Glüwein to warm hashers’ hearts!

Pick’n’Flick’s Glüwein (Hot Mulled Wine)


3 cups water 1 cup sugar 1 whole lemon peel 1 smidgen lemon juice 1 handful cloves (18 whole cloves) 5 cinnamon sticks 1 large bottle Lambrusco wine


Bring all ingredients [...]