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On-On Gourmets Hash House Harriers

After a recent trail, while eight of us were cooling off at a local pub, our friend Master Meat Finder told us about the weekend she spent escorting a cookbook author who’d been a speaker at Tucson’s annual book fair. The author was Hugo Ortega, and he’d given MMF a copy of his new cookbook, [...]


Recipe Call, Continued

The Half-Mind Cookbook recipe drive continues!

Yes, this exists (fortunately, though, not in the Half-Mind Cookbook)

Another hasher contributed to the cookbook today, adding a beer chili recipe that makes four gallons, perfect for a big hash feed. Thanks, Mother Ducker!

Do you have a great on-after recipe to share [...]


Recipe Call

Bet you didn’t know there’s a hash cookbook on this site. It’s kind of hidden up at the top, behind a tab labeled “cookbook.” Pretty clever, eh?

Not actually a Half-Mind Cookbook recipe (photo credit: The Museum of Awful Food)

As anyone who has organized a hash picnic or on-after cookout knows, feeding the [...]


Get Your Friends Drunk in the Morning

Breakfast or brunch-time hash party? Or just a party? This stuff kicks ass!

Bloody Mary Mix


Base 1 cup beef base 1 small bottle Tabasco Sauce Worcestershire Sauce, to taste salt & pepper, to taste celery salt, to taste 1/4 cup horseradish (not the creamy kind) The Rest 4 qts tomato juice vodka garnishes [...]


Saturday Down Under Hash Cookin’

Yum . . . spag bog!

Several years ago, when I was putting the Half-Mind Cookbook together, an Australian harriette inadvertently posted a shopping list to the international hash e-mail list. The line that caught my attention said “mince for spag bog.”

Spag bog? That could only be some sort of Australian dish, right? Like [...]


Saturday Hash Cookin’

Now that it’s getting cold . . . There’s nothing like Glüwein to warm hashers’ hearts!

Pick’n’Flick’s Glüwein (Hot Mulled Wine)


3 cups water 1 cup sugar 1 whole lemon peel 1 smidgen lemon juice 1 handful cloves (18 whole cloves) 5 cinnamon sticks 1 large bottle Lambrusco wine


Bring all ingredients [...]


Saturday Hash Cookin’

You say potatoe, I say potato . . .

Now that cooler weather’s returned, hungry Hash House Harriers want hot food at on-afters. Baked potatoes are easy, filling, and tasty, and you can make it a group effort by asking others to bring the toppings. This is one of Pick’n’Flick’s most successful hash recipes.

If [...]


Sunday Hash Party Recipe

What do you make to feed 50 hungry hashers? Caesar salad for 50!

The hash got rained out yesterday . . . oh, all right, a few diehards proably hashed, so it’s more like I got rained out . . . but if 50 hashers had hashed and were looking for something good to eat [...]