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Kiss That Rego Goodbye!

Have you heard the latest news from Stray Dog’s World Hashspace InterHash Facebook Hash-L “G”-for-Gispert Global Centralâ„¢?

“Due to the childish nature of the current people in the Heidelberg hash towards Global Interhash, we plan on cancelling the event for this year in Europe and holding it the first weekend in August in Birmingham, Alabama. [...]


The Event that Was

This is a follow-on to a June 2012 post titled The Event that Isn’t … or Is It?

In that post I expressed concerns about Stray Dog’s “World Interhash” event, scheduled for the last weekend in September in Orlando, Florida. Three months out, publicity was almost nonexistent and it was difficult to get hard information [...]


The Event that Isn’t … or Is It?

Here’s a screen capture from the Half-Mind Events Calendar:

Normally I include links in calendar entries so that readers can go straight to the event’s own website if they’re interested and want to know more. In this case, however, the event’s own website turned out to be no good, so I linked to the [...]


The Great InterHash Debate

… goes on. And on, and on.

Voting at InterHash 2012

In a previous entry, after writing about the venue selection for InterHash 2014 (March 13-16, 2014, Haikou City, Hainan, China), I promised to summarize some of the hash-wide discussion on future IH voting.

Here’s the quick & dirty:

China sucks Asian hashers suck [...]


Road Trip: Gypsies in the Palace 1000th

We don’t go on many road trips these days, so it was a real treat to drive to San Francisco for last weekend’s Gpysies in the Palace H3 1000th. The event ran from Thursday, May 31, to Sunday, June 3. We missed the Thursday and Sunday hashes, but were there for the Friday night pub [...]


It’s China (Updated … and Updated Again)

That’s the latest word from Borobudur. Here’s a message from Mu-Sick, who is there, and it sounds pretty authoritative to me:

Of the 4400 or so participants at Interhash 2012, only 2374 voted. A strict procedure was set up for voting Friday and Saturday night, which included arequirement for every vote to be cast in [...]


Caveat Emptor

Every now and then someone complains about an event I listed on the Half-Mind Calendar. My last angry email was from a guy who went on a hash train tour through Russia and Mongolia. He thought the tour was more about making money for the organizers than about hashing, and told me I shouldn’t have [...]


Hash Accounting 101

I’ve heard from a number of people who were impressed by the accounting handout given to InterAmericas Hash 2011 attendees in Savannah, Georgia. Just the other day Hops from the Washington DC H3 sent me a copy, and now that I’ve seen it I’m impressed too.

Click image to enlarge

Impressed, but [...]